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Car Accidents

After 5 Years on Rikers Island and No Trial, Bronx Man Sues for Lost Years

Kenneth Creighton spent five years on Rikers Island awaiting a trial that never happened and now he’s suing the city for compensation for those lost years. “You feel like a walking dead person, accused of everything you didn’t do,” said Creighton, who lives in the... (Keep Reading)

Many people think they have “full coverage”….

“Many people think they have “full coverage” when they talk about their automobiwww.pazerlaw.comle insurance, but they don’t really know what “full coverage” means.  One extremely important part  of automobile insurance coverage people often fail to maximize is called Underinsured Motorist Coverage and it is one... (Keep Reading)

Cabs collide after 1 runs red light, pedestrian hurt in wreck

It goes without saying that New York City is a busy place. Everyone knows that already. But many city residents have likely become desensitized to the frantic pace of Manhattan; and, likewise, they are probably all too used to seeing the yellow blurs of taxis... (Keep Reading)

Taxi driver’s alleged road rage may have caused serious car crash

In our current time, where speed means everything and there is seemingly no moments to spare, it is common for drivers to operate their vehicles in a negligent or hasty manner. This presents serious public safety concerns; and in a bustling area like New York... (Keep Reading)

Tragic New York auto accident in Westchester County kills 4

In the movie theater, an explosive auto accident rarely kills the "good guy"; after all, it's more likely a karma-induced payback for the "bad guy." Consequently, audiences cheer when a car driven by a villain is propelled into the air and then crashes (with requisite... (Keep Reading)

New York car accident causes injuries at busy intersection

When individuals are injured in car accidents in New York, they and their loved ones are taken by surprise due to the unforeseen nature of such traumatic events. In a bustling city such as New York City, a car accident can especially be detrimental because... (Keep Reading)

Auto accident in New York leads to death, injury to another

When someone is injured in a New York auto accident, their family members may feel grieved and question how such an incomprehensible tragedy could have occurred. They then may become outraged if they find out that the person who caused the accident was speeding, which... (Keep Reading)

New York car accident leads to 6 injuries, 1 arrest

When a person is seriously injured in a New York car accident, their family members usually feel distressed at such an unanticipated catastrophe. Their grief may transform into rage if the accident was not their loved one's fault. Financial damages can help the injured individuals... (Keep Reading)

New York car accident claims 1 life, injures 2

A car accident that causes injury can be a startling event that resulting in both physical discomfort and emotional distress. An injured car accident victim in New York may particularly feel angry if the accident was not his or her fault and appears to have... (Keep Reading)

Car accidents involving speeding in New York can cause death

Family members of a loved one who has been injured in a car crash may feel a combination of grief and relief that the individual was not killed. However, if the injury occurred through no fault of the victim, the victim may be angered. This... (Keep Reading)

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