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Surgical Error Lawyer in NYC

Surgical errors are the stuff of nightmares. Yet there are patients every year who suffer serious injuries, illnesses, and wrongful death because of mistakes medical professionals make in the operating room. At Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C., we represent New Yorkers who suffered at the hands of negligent surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists. If your injuries give you grounds to file a civil claim, we can help you navigate New York’s complex medical malpractice laws.

Five Common Types of Surgical Errors

In our years practicing medical malpractice law, we’ve represented victims of all sorts of professional negligence. We’ve seen cases arise at almost every major hospital throughout New York City. From minor harms to catastrophic injuries, we’ve offered our assistance in numerous types of claims. Here are five common types of surgical errors that could lead to medical malpractice lawsuits:

  1. Anesthesia errors. Administering too much anesthesia can lead to brain damage and coma in the patient. Too little can cause “anesthesia awareness,” where the patient can feel or experience the surgery without being able to move. Both events can be highly traumatic and even deadly. Anesthesiologists must properly assess patients’ histories to gauge the correct amount, and they must monitor the patient carefully throughout the procedure.
  2. Negligence-related complications. Although all surgeries come with certain risks of complications, they do not include issues that arise from incompetence. A surgeon who carelessly nicks an artery, operates on the wrong body part, or leaves foreign objects inside the body cavity may be liable for subsequent damages. Negligent surgeons may operate under the influence, operate without properly preparing, or operate while tired.
  3. Lapses in communication. Some of the most serious surgical errors result from lack of communication between members of the surgical team. Wrong-site, wrong-patient, wrong-procedure surgeries are “never events,” or events that should never happen. These mistakes are almost always grounds for medical malpractice lawsuits.
  4. Failure to warn of risks. Surgeons must warn patients of all potential, foreseeable risks of surgeries before the patients go under the knife. The patient must sign a form stating he or she agrees to the potential risks. Failure to properly tell a patient of risks that may have made him/her decide to opt out of the procedure may be negligence if a hidden risk causes harm.
  5. Hospital-related errors. Some surgical errors aren’t the surgeon’s fault but the hospital’s. If the hospital has lax training procedures, improperly maintained equipment, or poor sanitation, these factors can lead to serious issues, such as equipment breakdowns during surgery or deadly infections. A hospital will be vicariously liable for negligence on the part of nurses, maintenance crews, or other employees.

We’ve also helped patients go up against medical equipment manufacturers for surgical errors relating to defective products. If a defective or dangerous device contributed to your surgery injuries, you may have a product liability claim instead of medical malpractice. A consultation with one of our attorneys can help you explore all your legal options after a surgical error in NYC. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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