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Experiencing New York City by boat is a rewarding experience for locals and tourists alike. Boating privately on Central Park Lake or taking public transit like the NYC ferry can be fun and relaxing ways to spend the day. Unfortunately, New York’s waterways aren’t always safe for boaters. Boating collisions and accidental drowning accidents can turn an excursion into tragedy. In a city surrounded by water, arm yourself by partnering with an experienced local law firm. After any type of boat accident in NYC, come to Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C.

Boating Requirements in NYC

The majority of boating accidents in New York come down to a broken rule or breached standard of care. Commercial boats are common carriers, and must obey federal laws regarding transportation units. To keep passengers reasonably safe, commercial boats must regularly maintain vessels and properly train operators. Issues relating to maintenance such as a fuel leak, electrical fire, or a capsized vessel may be the boating company’s fault. If you were on a city-owned vessel, it may be possible to bring a claim against the government.

Private boats must also follow city and state laws while on the water. Only operators 18 and older may legally operate a boat alone without education requirements. Those between 10 and 18 must have passed a safety course or else may boat in the company of a person 18 or older. Operators under the age of 10 need an adult supervisor on board. Boaters must obey laws such as speed regulations, “no wake” zones, keeping a proper distance from other vessels and objects, operating in a safe and prudent manner, and not creating unsafe conditions for other boaters.

New York obeys zero tolerance laws when it comes to drug and alcohol use while boating. Any boat operator intoxicated by drugs or alcohol may receive a BUI (boating under the influence) charge. If an intoxicated boater causes a crash, he or she may be liable for damages. The legal blood alcohol concentration level for boaters is 0.08% or lower. This limit drops to “zero tolerance” for minors. There are dozens of laws that boaters must follow to operate their vessels safely. Breaking any of these laws and causing an accident is negligence.

Are You Eligible for Recovery?

Boating accidents in NYC can be highly traumatic. Impact injuries such as broken bones and concussions can occur, as well as water-related harms such as accidental drowning. If the boat catches on fire, serious burns can result. No matter what type of injuries you or a loved one sustained in a recent boating crash, you may be eligible for recovery. The same is true if another boat crashed into your vessel or dock, causing expensive property damage.

New York law allows victims of boating accidents to pursue recovery through the civil law system. Find out if you’re eligible for recovery by talking with an attorney. Contact our firm, and we can set up a free case evaluation at our NYC offices or over the phone. During your consultation, we’ll listen to what happened and tell you if we think you’re eligible for compensation. From there, we can help you negotiate with insurance companies or the City of New York for recovery. Call (212) 227-1212 today.

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