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Undocumented/Illegal Worker Accidents Lawyer in NYC

Undocumented or illegal workers on construction sites have the same rights to a safe construction work place as any documented worker or American citizen. An illegal alien worker need not fear deportation or other retribution for seeking compensation for an unsafe work environment. Construction sites in New York are mandated by law to protect the safety of ALL workers, regardless of their legal status.

Every day, on average twelve workers (12) die on construction sites nationwide. About another fifty thousand (50,000) workers die from occupational diseases. Estimates suggest another eight (8) to twelve (12) million workers are injured every year on construction sites.

Undocumented or illegal immigrant construction workers face significant hazards on construction sites. Latino workers continue to die on construction sites in New York. In 2019 twelve (12) workers died on such sites in our City. Of those, ten (10) were of Latino decent, according to the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health. Nearly one-half (1/2) of all construction workers on non-union construction sites are Hispanic or Latino. About thirty percent (30%) of workers on union sites are Hispanic or Latino. These workers are afforded the same protections under New York Labor Law and OSHA regulations as anyone else working on a construction site.

Construction Workers Have a Right to a Safe Construction Site Regardless of Immigration Status

Undocumented construction workers are often afraid to speak out about unsafe working conditions or about injuries sustained on the job because of their immigration status. Unfortunately, many employers, construction companies, and contractors take advantage of migrant, undocumented workers status by not providing the same safeguards for such “illegal” workers.

Leading Causes of Fatal Accidents on Construction Sites

OSHA’s “Fatal Four,” construction accidents are listed below and account for the leading causes of death and injury on construction sites:

  • Falls – About 35% of all fatalities on construction sites result from falls.
  • Stuck by Object – About elven percent (11%) of all construction accident deaths result from being struck by objects, due to swinging, falling, misplaced and unsecured objects on the jobsite.
  • Electrocutions – Approximately eight percent (8%) of construction site employees dies from electrocutions. Exposed wires, wet conditions, and contact with power lines are the main culprits.
  • Caught-in or Caught-Between – Construction workers may be caught between machines, tools or device and account for about two percent (2%) of construction accident-related deaths.

How to Recover For Your Loss Due To A Construction Site Injury

Undocumented workers, illegal aliens, permanent green card recipients, and temporary workers all have the right to file a claim under New York Labor Law and to file a personal injury claim under New York Law regardless of your immigration status.

New York City Undocumented/Illegal Worker Accident Lawyers

Undocumented and illegal workers sustain serious injuries just like all types of workers resulting in lost wages, missed work, costly medical bills, and significant pain and suffering. A lawsuit under New York Labor Law, or other personal injury claim is very complex. If you or a loved one in New York is an undocumented or illegal alien worker who has sustained an injury on the job, you should speak with an experienced construction accident attorney immediately.

Call Our Undocumented Hispanic and Latino Construction Accident Lawyers for a Free Consultation

The personal injury attorneys of Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. have fought for the Rights of undocumented and illegal workers for over 50 years. We encourage all construction site injury victims, regardless of immigration status, to contact us for a free consultation.  Feel free to check out our testimonials from past clients. Our Firm represents undocumented workers, green card workers, and illegal migrant workers throughout New York City in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. We may be reached at (212) 847-5007 in New York or (718) 954-9986 on Long Island.

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