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Painting Accidents Attorney in NYC

Painters face serious injury and death on New York Construction sites. Contractors, employers, and property owners often underestimate the risk of significant injury from painter accidents. OHSA has shown higher fatality rates and risk of death for construction painting than most would expect. Most painting deaths and injuries are sustained from falls, electrocutions, and asphyxiations. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies painting as a “carcinogenic occupation.”

Painters working at heights are especially at risk as they must often use both hands and work overhead while trying to balance themselves while working.   Bridge painters can be especially at risk as they are working at such significant heights that any failure of a safety device can result in a fall causing devastating injuries and even death.  Proper scaffolds, harnesses, lanyards, yo-yos, ladders and other safety devices are absolutely crucial to make sure workers are protected against falls causing serious if not deadly injuries.

Under New York Labor Law Section 240(1) owners and general contractors must provide safety devices to prevent accidents from occurring in which workers fall from heights.  When an owner and/or a general contractor fails to provide a painter with a proper and safe device such as a scaffold, ladder, harness, yo-yo, bakers scaffold or other device and an accident and injuries occur it is crucial to hire a lawyer who knows the law and knows how to protect the worker’s rights.

The construction accident lawyers of Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. have over fifty years (50) experience working for construction workers and painters hurt in construction accidents. We are in New York City and may be reached at (212) 847-5007 or in Long Island at (718) 954-9986.

Common Painter Accidents

Painters can be hurt on a construction site in various ways which have serious consequential injuries. Common painter accident types are listed below:

  • Slip and Falls – Falls from ladders and scaffolds are a typical painter accident. Painters often slip and fall on wet paint, construction debris, or tools and equipment left lying haphazardly around a construction site. Unfortunately, ladders and scaffolds often malfunction or are improperly constructed or are not maintained or other safety measures like fall constraints are absent.
  • Exposure to Toxic Fumes— Fumes from paint, paint thinner, and other toxic chemicals can cause numerous short-term and long-term injury for painters. Lung disease and other respiratory illness often occurs to painters from long term exposure to paint. Over exposure to toxic paint fumes can lead to lung cancer, kidney failure, leukemia and more.
  • Eye Injuries
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries – Such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive painting actions.
  • Electrocutions
  • Asphyxiation – because of over exposure to toxic fumes.

Painter Accident Injuries

Painters can sustain numerous types of injuries while working on construction sites. Painting accidents have resulted in these injuries from falls, struck by objects or other painting accidents:

New York Labor Law Protections for Painters

New York Labor Law protects painters on the job under various sections. Section 240 protects painters hurt on the job at a construction site. Section 240 protects painters from falls on construction sites. Section 240 provides that building owners and contractors are liable for medical bills, lost income, pain, and suffering, and more to painters hurt from falls. Section 240 is commonly called the “scaffold law,” and protects not only against falls from ladders and scaffolds, but also protects painters from being hit from falling objects on a construction site.

Free Consult with New York City Construction Accident Lawyers

We encourage any painter hurt in a painting accident to contact our personal injury construction accident lawyers for a free consultation. The lawyers of Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. have decades of experience in open elevator shaft accident law and we would love to talk to you about your injury and potential lawsuit. We represent clients throughout New York in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

Review our history of millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements in construction accidents, premises liability actions, and painting accidents. Take the time to read our testimonials from our many personal injury construction accident clients.

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