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Child Injury Attorney in NYC

School should be a safe haven for children – a place of learning, growth, and development. Schools should fulfill children’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. They should not be the settings for personal injury accidents, assaults, pedestrian collisions, environmental hazards, or other dangers. Sadly, many New York City schools fall short of industry expectations and safety standards. This results in preventable child injuries such as broken bones, concussion, lacerations, and spine injuries. If you recently had to deal with a school accident that hurt your child, don’t hesitate to confide in the attorneys at Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C..

Types of School Accidents in NYC

From cafeteria food poisoning to injuries from lack of proper emergency response, there are dozens of harms that can arise in a typical school day. Schools should prepare for anything and be ready to react to situations such as fires, floods, and intruders on campus. They must also obey strict federal and state laws for the protection of children during daily activities. Failures in any aspects of schooling can lead to student injuries. Three of the most common types of school accidents are as follows:

  1. School bus crashes. Sending children to school via bus is an ideal solution for many busy parents living in NYC. The majority of bus trips will not end in tragedy. Unfortunately, some parents will receive the dreaded phone call that a bus crash has occurred. Bus accidents may be the fault of the school for the driver’s negligence or a poorly maintained vehicle. They may also come down to third-party liability for the actions of another driver or a defective vehicle part.
  2. Playground accidents. Lack of proper supervision and unsafe playground areas are the most common causes of these types of student injuries. Schools in NYC have a duty to properly maintain campuses and make sure playground equipment is safe for use. Falls on concrete or other hard surfaces from playground structures can cause serious injuries, as can poorly maintained, broken, or rusty equipment. Lack of supervision is another form of negligence that can lead to child injuries.
  3. Sports-related injuries. School sports are some students’ favorite activity of the day. For the most part, sports are safe and a great form of exercise. However, negligent coaches and unsafe premises can be recipes for disaster. Sports-related injuries such as concussions, heatstroke, dehydration, and hazard-related harms may point to school liability. It is the coach’s job to look out for students’ wellbeing and the school’s duty to maintain safe playing fields.

Our law firm has also seen cases involving physical assaults on campus, including child sexual abuse. These are heinous crimes that deserve legal attention. No matter what circumstances surround your child’s recent school-related injury, come to Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. We’re here to help parents understand what happened to their children, why the incident occurred, and who is to blame. We can represent you in a case against the school, the government, or an individual for your child’s harms. Contact us today to learn more about school injuries in NYC.

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