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Civil Right & Police Brutality Lawyer in NYC

The people of New York City rely on their men and women in blue for protection. Yet in today’s volatile political climate, many also fear for their rights and lives when they encounter New York Police Department (NYPD) officers. Police officers have been the centerpieces of dozens of recent lawsuits regarding unjustified brutality, excessive force, beatings, rough treatment, human rights violations, and shootings. Victims of police brutality need strong allies by their sides to hold offenders accountable. The legal team at Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. can be this ally.

What Are Your Rights as a Civilian?

Contrary to what many believe, police officers are not all-powerful authorities; their power lies within certain limitations in New York. The Constitution and other federal and state laws make sure of this. Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act makes any person who deprives another of their civil rights, privileges, and immunities liable for any subsequent injuries. Police are not immune to this law. It is possible for victims of police brutality to file lawsuits in state and federal courts in pursuit of retribution. “Police brutality” may include:

  • Excessive force. This can refer to a number of violent actions from an officer, including beatings and choking incidents, or unreasonable use of force to restrain a suspect. What is “unreasonable” will depend on the situation. If another officer would not have used the same amount or type of force in the same situation, the offending officer may be guilty of brutality.
  • Discrimination. Malicious police actions may stem from profiling or discrimination based on race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability. There is no reason an officer of the law should ever use racial slurs or epithets against suspects. This is a form of verbal abuse that could lead to recovery for the victim.
  • Lethal force. If a loved one died at the hands of a brutal police officer, we want to extend our sincerest condolences. An officer unreasonably using lethal force, such as pulling out a gun instead of a baton or taser, is a tragedy that is unfortunately somewhat common. This action completely ignores the victim’s Fourth Amendment rights and can lead to compensation for the victim’s surviving family members.

As an injured civilian, you have the right to stand up against police who are guilty of brutality or civil rights violations. These legal actions aren’t easy, but they can be extremely worthwhile to victims and their families. A lawsuit can result in financial recovery for damages, but it can also shed light on NYPD brutality and issues within your community. You could even prevent other people from becoming victims of similar incidents in the future.

Our Team Can Help You Take Action

Don’t try to go up against the NYPD or other police force alone. Although you have every right to file a lawsuit after an incident involving brutality, it is difficult to win these types of cases. You will need strong evidence of the law enforcement officer, city, county government, or mayor’s negligence or criminal acts. The right attorney can make this task seem much less formidable. To speak with someone about your recent police encounter, call (212) 227-1212 or go online.

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