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Bricklayer Accident Lawyers in NYC

One of the responsibilities that bricklayers have include moving heavy materials around a construction site. They hold physically demanding jobs that could sometimes be dangerous. For example, bricklayers are exposed to increased risk when a third party or subcontractor from a different company acts in a careless or reckless manner. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries from a bricklayer accident, Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. is here to help.

What are Bricklayer Accidents?

Bricklayers and masonry specialists typically perform work such as materials handling, grinding, mixing mortar, block laying, installing steel components, grouting, shoring, as well as erecting and dismantling scaffolding. Bricklaying is considered a high-risk construction trade due to the probability of developing leg, back, or muscle problems years down the road.

In more severe cases, some bricklayers may suffer serious injuries or lose their lives when they get into accidents that involve cranes, hit by falling objects, or falling from height. These factors show that the chance of being injured on the job is pretty significant.

How Can Construction Accident Attorneys Help?

New York is home to strict worker protection laws that are known as the Scaffold Law or the Labor Law. These laws are designed to protect masons who need to work at heights or beneath objects which could potentially fall on them. Both the New York scaffold and labor laws apply to construction projects of all sizes.

If you have been injured in a bricklayer accident that was caused by a liable or negligent third party, construction accident attorneys from Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. will help you hold the people who have caused the accident responsible. Our bricklayer accident attorneys have successfully recovered millions of dollars for injured workers by being aggressive and committed advocates. Our team will help pursue the maximum financial compensation possible, on top of existing Workers’ Compensation benefits!

You may be pleased to know that Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. also works with the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union in NYC.

Why Should You Work with Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. for Bricklayer Accidents?

Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. has over five decades of experience representing injured bricklayers and masons alike. We understand how bad our clients’ situations can be when their lives have been upended due to someone else’s negligence. Through compassion, ethics, and professionalism, bricklayer accident attorneys at Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. do everything in their power to make the litigation process stress-free and hassle-free for all clients.

With a strong attention to detail, no facts will be overlooked. Our bricklayer accident attorneys will obtain critical evidence and present a convincing case to secure fair compensation for our clients. If you feel that the future seems bleak, do no worry; Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. will put our experience to work for you and ensure that all affected parties get through this traumatizing situation in no time at all.

If you have sustained injuries from bricklayer accidents and want to consult with a construction accident attorney, Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. can be called at (212) 227-1212 (New York) or (631) 864-2429 (Long Island).

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