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Elevator Accident Attorney in NYC

Elevator accidents are some of the most traumatic experiences a person can live through. When an elevator malfunctions with occupants inside or about to step in or out of the car, injuries can be fatal. Victims have suffered amputations, crush injuries, internal bleeding, and death in elevator accidents throughout New York. The majority of these tragedies trace back to someone’s negligence. If you or a loved one has suffered due to an elevator accident in NYC, contact our personal injury attorneys.

Liability for Elevator Accidents

The first phase in elevator litigation is assigning fault for the accident. Elevator accidents commonly fall under premises liability law. It is a property owner’s responsibility to maintain elevators, repair bugs, and make sure the equipment is safe for riders. The person or company in charge of maintaining the premises may be legally responsible for an elevator accident if the hazardous condition came from a failure to care for the property. To name the property owner as the defendant, the injured party will need evidence of his or her negligence. For example, the owner may not have fulfilled safety codes under federal standards.

Liability may also rest with the elevator manufacturer. If a defect in the equipment caused an elevator to breakdown or malfunction, injured parties may be able to sue the manufacturer, distributor, or parts supplier. There are three main types of defects under New York’s product liability laws: a mistake made during manufacture, a design flaw that makes the elevator inherently dangerous, and an error in marketing (such as failure to warn). An injured party must show the elevator had a defect and this defect caused the accident.

There may be more than one defendant in an elevator malfunction case. For example, the elevator may have had a defective piece of equipment, but the property owner may have also been negligent in the maintenance of the system. A third party, such as a building employee, may have also contributed to the accident. Going up against major insurance companies and entities such as hotels can be difficult alone. Improve your chances with help from our attorneys. We can investigate your accident, determine the appropriate defendant(s), and file the correct paperwork to begin your claim in NYC.

Retain Experienced Elevator Litigators in NYC

Most elevator accidents are severe or fatal. They are also preventable. If you believe someone else’s act of negligence caused your injuries or a family member’s death in New York City, get in touch with us. We’ll listen to your story and tell you if we believe it has merit as a personal injury or wrongful death claim. We’ve handled elevator cases before, and we know how best to litigate these claims.

If your accident stemmed from a product defect, pulley system malfunction, faulty doors, bad wiring, lack of repairs, or improper installation, we may be able to secure financial recovery on your behalf. You may have a case based on negligence, premises liability, or product liability. A conversation with one of our lead attorneys can help you discover your legal opportunities. Call (212) 227-1212 to schedule your consultation today.

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