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Heavy Equipment Accident Lawyers in NYC

Construction workers in New York City risk serious injury and death as a common part of their job. Statistics show that construction workers account for approximately twenty-seven percent (27%) of all work-related injury fatalities in New York.

Why Are Heavy Equipment Accidents In New York City Such A Threat?

NYC construction worker death rates are over five times higher than all other industries and construction fatalities are higher in New York than construction deaths nationally. While heavy equipment is essential to work-site productivity and effectiveness, these accidents are one of the Fatal Four hazards according to OSHA.

Heavy Equipment With The Most Risks

• Bulldozers
• Trucks
• Cranes
• Forklifts
• Backhoes
• Dump Trucks
• Excavators
• Road Gravers
• Scrapers
• Back-End Loaders
• Paving Machines

Backhoe and truck incidents account for one-half (1/2) of all construction site deaths. The New York personal injury lawyers of Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C. have fought for construction workers injured in heavy equipment accidents for decades. Our Union Strong attorneys are dedicated to work-place safety and improving the lives of construction workers throughout our great city.

Common Causes of Heavy Equipment Accidents

• Rollovers
• Struck-by-Heavy Equipment
• Falls
• Dropped Loads
• Pinning Workers Between Heavy Equipment or Between Heavy Equipment and a Stationary Object
• Operator Errors or Negligence
• Improper Safety Guidelines – Leaving heavy equipment unguarded
• Improper or Lack of Operator Training
• Defective Heavy Equipment or Improper Maintenance
• Manufacturing Design or Defect

Types of Heavy Equipment Injuries

• Broken Bones and Fractures
• Wrongful Death
• Electrocutions
• Crushing
• Head Injuries (TBI)
• Internal Injuries
• Spinal Cord and Neck Injuries
• Permanent or Temporary Disability
• Amputations
• Soft Tissue Injuries
• Burns
• Lacerations and Contusions

Most heavy equipment injuries are suffered by the operator of heavy equipment itself or to another construction worker at the site. However, it is not uncommon for commuters, pedestrians, work-site visitors, or those simply passing by the construction site.

Why You Need New York Heavy Equipment Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured while operating heavy construction equipment, you need skilled work-site injury lawyers to recover the most compensation possible. Your injuries may be substantial with lost wages, loss of future employment opportunities, permanent disfigurement, temporary or permanent disability, and significant past or future medical bills.

You will need lawyers with experience in heavy equipment litigation to received justice for your pain and suffering. Statistics have proven that injured workers obtain higher settlement amounts by consulting a lawyer to fight the insurance companies. Insurance companies make money by paying out the least amount possible for every claim. A law firm can also help you determine liability, whether it is a general contractor, property owner, or another third party.

Experienced construction site accident lawyers can also help you with claims beyond those cover by New York Worker’s Compensation Law. New York Labor Law also requires employers to make work-sites safe for employees and pedestrians. A skilled lawyer that understands New York Labor Law can determine if your lawsuit can proceed under New York Labor law sections 240 and section 241(6), which provides broad relief to those injured on the job or on a construction site.

We highly encourage construction workers or pedestrians who suffered a heavy equipment accident to contact us for a free consultation. You may also reach us at (212) 847-5007 in New York or at (718) 954-9986 in Long Island.

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