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Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer in NYC

Accidents can cause all types of injuries. Soft tissue injuries are a significant injury. They can take a significant amount of time to heal and include missed time at work, pain, and suffering along with high medical and physical therapy bills. Soft tissue injuries caused by the negligence or recklessness of others may entitle you to monetary compensation.

Common Soft Tissue Injuries in New York

Common soft tissue injuries are sprains, strains or contusions to tendons, muscles, and ligaments.  They often occur during sports or exercise, but soft tissue injuries may also occur during everyday activity as well. Most personal injury lawyers deal with soft tissue injuries resulting from sudden trauma, such as slip and falls, twists, or blows to the body. 

There are basically two types of soft tissue injuries, acute and overuse. Acute soft tissue injuries are the kind mentioned above from sudden trauma to the body. Overuse soft tissue injuries are the result of repetitive activity and stress on the body without giving the body time to heal. Common overuse soft tissue injuries are tendinitis and bursitis.

  • Sprains – Stretching and/or tearing of a ligament
  • Strains – Stretching or tearing of a tendon or muscle
  • Contusions – A bruise to the body
  • Stress Injuries – Tiny breaks in the bone usually from overuse or sudden trauma
  • Tendinitis – Inflamed tendon caused by repetitive overuse
  • Bursitis – Swelling and irritation in the elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, or ankle

Soft tissue injuries can be the result of a single incident, such as a slip and fall in a restaurant, accident at school, or sudden twist or turn in an automobile or trucking accident.  They can occur on college campuses, on mass transit such as subways or taxis, on a defected sidewalk, or in your apartment stairway.  They can occur in public places, at work, or in private residences.

Soft tissue injuries can also occur through repetitive overuse.  This is normally the result of over-exertion through lifting, pulling, and throwing at work. These repetitive stressful motions can be dangerous. Falls from a ladder on construction sites, holes in construction floors, and other workplace injuries are common causes of soft tissue injuries as well. Property owners, businesses, companies, schools, and cities have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment free from hazards for work and pedestrian activity.

New York City Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers

If someone has caused a soft tissue injury through their negligence or recklessness you need our personal injury lawyers at Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C.. We have successfully litigated soft tissue injury cases in New York, and we have decades of combined legal expertise in soft tissue litigation. The law limits the time allowed to file a negligent personal injury claim for a soft tissue injury, so contact us for a free consultation. Be sure to check out our testimonials from past clients who are willing to share their success stories and experience with our personal injury law firm. We serve New York City and Long Island. We may always be reached at (212) 847-5007 in New York or (718) 954-9986 in Long Island.

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