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Oleg Zion
June 23, 2024

Thank you Eugene any the team for great work you did in my case. Very reliable and professional lawer.

Angel Fuentes
June 8, 2024

Eugene handled my case with professionalism and achieved an outstanding result. He was always available to answer my questions or concerns and always kept me in the loop. Eugene put me at ease with his attention and care throughout the whole process.  I am very grateful to Eugene for his unwavering support and his exceptional commitment.  Highly recommended

D Tay
May 28, 2024

If you are looking for a law firm for your personal injury, I highly recommend Pazer, Epstein, Jaffe, Fein & Gozenput PC. Eugene Gozenput worked hard and I appreciate his time, energy, and commitment.

Lauren Jeberg
January 30, 2024

Our attorney, Eugene Gozenput did an exceptional job on my case. He stayed in contact and made this process less stressful. Our outcome was fair and just, considering the severity of our situation. If anyone is in need of an attorney, Eugene is top notch & a great representation of this firm.

Denis Haxhija
January 23, 2024

From A-Z, Eugene Gozenput made every step of the process very seamless. Prompt and straightforward communication and assistance all throughout. It was truly a pleasure to work with him and his team!

Denice Brown
October 6, 2023

Let me say I am beyond grateful. Even though Covid set us back for a minute the outcome is more than we could imagine. Our attorney Eugene Gozenput is a beast. i give him and the firm 5 stars. Thank you

This firm took my difficult construction case and got me a lot of money to compensate me for my injuries. Eugene Gozenput took my case to trial and won. Very happy with outcome

Hector Perez
March 31, 2023

I had a car accident on the west side highway where I was rear ended and sustained an injury to my back. The lawyers took me in and worked on the case non stop. Eugene Gozenput, got me the entire policy after less then a year into the case. They treated me like family on top of everything else. Had an amazing experience and would recommend them to everyone.

February 9, 2023

After my accident I never thought my life would be the same again. However my attorneys at Pazer Epstein Jaffe and Fein made me feel safe and at home. Eugene Gozenput, had my case from inception to settlement and got me a recovery that was beyond anything that I had expected. I am ecstatic at my result and could not recommend this firm more.

jorge reyes
November 22, 2022

They are a great group of lawyers but I recommend Brett Perlstein he was very patient, professional and understanding of my anxiety. 10/10

Elinor Naor
November 8, 2022

Excellent work. Eugene advocated for me and am happy with the outcome.

Dana Tasy
November 4, 2022

After sustaining injuries that required years of medical visits, procedures and surgeries, loss of employment and completely changed the course of my life, I went to Pazer Epstein Jaffe & Fein. They guided me through every step of the way and helped me to finally be able to put that very traumatic time in my life behind me and start fresh. Forever grateful to Eugene and everyone at Pazer Epstein Jaffe & Fein and I would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation!

Kaydian B
November 3, 2022

The firm was recommended to me by a family friend after an auto accident in 2020. Eugene Gozenput kept tabs on my progress as we determined how best to handle my case, and answered my questions as I was very unfamiliar with no fault, medical exams, ect. In 2022 Brett Perlstein help me wrap up my settlement and I am extremely grateful for the work they did on my behalf. I would highly recommend Eugene and Brett to anyone seeking legal advice after an accident.

Jessica Jimenez
August 30, 2022

I worked with Brett Perlstein Esq. from this firm on a personal injury lawsuit. This was the first time I've ever had to embark on something like this and he supported me every step of the way. Whether it was keeping tabs on my therapy to updating me with what was happening in the case. Brett was very responsive and reassuring. The office answered every time I called and even reached out to make sure they were up to date with my info so the lines of communication would always be clear. I can't thank Brett enough for the support and eventually the outcome of my settlement. I can't thank the firm enough for helping me through my case

Steven Cruz
August 22, 2022

I worked with the team at Pazer for the last two years, specifically Mike Jaffe. The process was painless on my end. The team kept me up to date on the process, and ensured I was able to get the proper level of care. I highly recommend them.

Andrew Sangkala
August 6, 2022

These guys are not you're run of the mill let's settle real quick and get a check kind of lawyers. They are concerned about you You're a health and that you are properly represented in times of need. GO HERE WITH CONFIDENCE

Vallerie Rivera
July 30, 2022

The law firm is very Knowledgeable and kind.

Nelson Macancela
July 22, 2022

Eugene Gozenput and the entire firm got me an amazing result on my case. They were transparent with me and patient with answering all of my questions. This is a top notch firm

Kerwyn Forbes
June 2, 2022

Eugene Gozenput and Mike Jaffe got me a big settlement on my case with a very complicated set of facts. They kept me appraised of everything every step of the way. I could not have been happier with this firm. Highly recommend

Jus Mh
March 23, 2022

I Worked With Eugene At Pazer Epstein On A Very Long & Complicated Case. Throughout The Whole Process He Was Transparent With Me, And I Felt Like He Was Looking Out For My Best Interest. He Gave Me Results I Was Happy With. I Ver Much Recommend This Firm For Anybody Seeking Justice, No Matter What The Wrong Doing.

Norma Como
November 30, 2021

The entire firm was exfremely professional and responsive. Eugene worked on my case and got me a great result. Mike Jaffe was very welcoming and helpful through the whole process.

Jaime Arroyo
October 19, 2021

I suggest everyone go to them. They believed that I was entitled to more and fought to get it. They literally changed y life. Thank you guy.

Slavica Vlajic
October 7, 2021

The attorneys were amazing and took care of me from start to finish. They treated me like family and got me a superb result. Would highly recommend.

Khristian Rivera
September 13, 2021

The best law firm you can trust and get things done.

I am very satisfied with Eugene Gozenput and all of the attorneys at Pazer Epstein and Jaffe.

April 30, 2021

My lawyer here Eugene was supremely helpful and professional, all the attorneys at this firm made this experience a great one with their kind attitude and expertise. I would highly recommend Pazer Epstein and Jaffe.

Stanley Tsizin
January 21, 2021

Very professional and great to work with

Anni Kluger
December 21, 2020

Eugene Gozenput and Michael Jaffe worked tirelessly to ensure that I was compensated after being injured. I am appreciative of their support and dedication.

Richard Hannon
December 21, 2020

Eugene Gozenput is absolutely the best! Excellent experience highly recommended this firm

Eric Gozenput
February 20, 2020

This is the best group of attorneys in the NYC area. They helped me get a settlement in my personal injury lawsuit a few years ago. I have since referred them several of my friends And family that have had personal injury cases. Highly recommend this law firm.

Ainsworth Robinson
February 10, 2020

My experience with Mr. Jaffe and Mr. Fein was amazing. They took my Construction case and got me a maximum recovery to protect my future. I would personally recommend them to anyone who needs a lawyer. Not just good lawyers, but a great firm to represent you. Thank you guys so much. Ainsworth Robinson.

Kyle Zeman
January 17, 2020

From day 1 Eugene Gozenput from Pazer,Epstein Jaffe and Fein made me feel very comfortable and gave me piece of mind that i made the right choice in a law firm. He made me feel like part of his family and got me the best result i could wish for. Highly reccomend this firm!

patricia lopez
January 16, 2020

Eugene Gozenput has been my lawyer for the past 5 years. Since day 1 when I came into the office hurt and in pain with crutches and a leg brace, he’s been by my side. I can honestly say his uplifting words and support through the years is what helped me through my dark times. He killed it when my case went to trial and we WON! I am so grateful and cannot express how much it means to me to be able to go back to living my life and moving forward in a positive direct after suffering from so much pain. Thank you Eugene!

Freddy Herrera
December 23, 2019

Eugene Gozenput is absolutely one of the best attorneys out there. He dedicated his time and showed an amazing work ethic. He was able to get me the maximum amount on my settlement by preparing my case for trial. The entire team from Mike Jaffe to all the other lawyers were top notch and were extremely professional. I could not ask for better attorneys.

Md. Hayder Hossain
September 11, 2019


Richard Ulysses
July 11, 2019

Matthew Fein is my attorney and he is very good at his profession. Tells you the way it is and always reminds you that he works for you.

robin guttman
March 12, 2018

Even the most difficult case had a positive conclusion with the tireless work of Michael Jaffe Esq. Highly recommended.

Mauricio Vides
February 23, 2017

Great attorneys. One of the most experienced law firms I have had to pleasure of working with.

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