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Window Installation & Window Washing Accidents Lawyer in NYC

Window installers and window washers in New York City face a daunting task. New York buildings soar hundreds of stories into the sky and window installation and washing pose serious worker safety concerns. Construction site window installation accidents due to hazards at construction sites, are even more dangerous and pose a significant risk of serious injury, or even death.

Construction site falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. It takes amazing courage for workers to suspend themselves in the sky from scaffolds, ladders, and other suspension systems to install windows or to wash windows in such tall buildings. Without these fearless men and woman, New York would not be the wonderfully amazing city it is today. Our stunning skylines require construction and maintenance and would not be possible without their incredible bravery. We owe these workers not only gratitude, but a safe work environment. Window installers and window washers should not have to fear serious injury or death every day they go to the job.

Fortunately, New York’s Labor Law provides guidelines for worker safety on a construction site, or on the job. Window installers and window washers have the same protections as other construction workers, and it is the responsibility of the employer, property owner, general contractor, and subcontractors to protect them while working.

Unfortunately, window installation accidents can result is major injury or death. An injured window installer hurt on a construction site may sue Owners and contractors for damages resulting from the injury, including, but not limited to, loss of wages, pain and suffering, emotional damages, medical bills, and other expenses.

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New York Worker Protection for Window Installation Accidents

Many sections of our Labor Law apply to these elevated type accidents. They include:

Labor Law §200  which creates liability for unsafe working conditions. All machinery and equipment, must be operated, guarded, and lighted as to provide reasonable and adequate protection to workers.

Labor Law §202, which is commonly called the “Window Washer Statute.” Under this law, building owners, lessees and managers may be held legally responsible for any injuries to window washers who are injured while working on their buildings due to a lack of proper safety equipment or improperly supplied safety equipment.

Labor Law §240(1), known as the “Scaffold Law,” requires building owners, construction companies, and contractors to provide appropriate scaffolding, hoists, and other safety equipment for glass installation workers, window installation workers, window washers and more.

Common Cause and Injuries of Window Installation Accidents

On a jobsite, accidents of these type occur for many reasons. They include:

  • Defective Scaffolds and Ladders
  • Failure to Follow Proper Safety Guidelines for Window and Glass Installation
  • Being Hit by Falling Objects
  • Improperly Designed Scaffolds
  • Improperly Maintained Scaffolds and Ladders
  • Exposure to the Elements and Wet Conditions

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