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Auto accident in New York leads to death, injury to another

When someone is injured in a New York auto accident, their family members may feel grieved and question how such an incomprehensible tragedy could have occurred. They then may become outraged if they find out that the person who caused the accident was speeding, which can be considered an act of negligence or reckless driving. It is within the victim’s rights to pursue monetary damages to help cover the expenses resulting from the auto accident.

In New York, one person is faced with this scenario after being injured in a single-vehicle crash near Route 259. He was a passenger in the car being driven by an 18-year-old man, who authorities say was driving a high speed. That’s when the driver hit a mild hump in the street and lost control of the vehicle.

The car ended up flipping multiple times. In the process, the vehicle struck a utility pole in addition to colliding with trees. The driver instantly died at the scene. Meanwhile, the passenger suffered non life-threatening injuries, including broken bones, and was transported to a hospital. Police are still investigating what actually led to the collision.

The passenger who suffered injuries in the auto accident has the right to seek reimbursement of financial damages stemming from the crash, such as medical costs, in a personal injury claim. If the vehicle’s high speed can be established according to the preliminary evidence, this can be used as evidence of driver negligence in a personal injury lawsuit in New York. Although the driver who was speeding died in the crash, the injured individual can still sue the driver’s estate and anyone else who owned the vehicle involved in the crash. If liability is established to the civil court’s satisfaction, claims for financial damages will be decided.

Source: DemocratandChronicle.com, Teen killed in Parma crash identified, Neeti Upadhye, Sept. 17, 2013

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