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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Why You Should Never Admit Fault In A Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, you could be physically and emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed. However, it is important to recollect your thoughts and calm yourself down before speaking to the other party or police. By making common mistakes such as apologizing to... (Keep Reading)

What Are The Stages Of A Car Accident Lawsuit?

For anyone who has never been in a car accident, pursuing a lawsuit can seem like a mountain of a task. This is because personal injury and car accident lawsuits include many different procedures and steps to finally getting the full and rightful compensation that... (Keep Reading)

Ways To Prove You Are Not At Fault In A Car Accident

In a car accident, things can seem very confusing and overwhelming. You may also not be in a good mental state. However, there are certain important things you have to keep note of to prove that you are not at fault in a car accident.... (Keep Reading)

Types Of Damages You Can Seek In A Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accidents often seriously injure the rider and passenger and are the leading cause of death for Americans under 30. Every year, the number of serious injuries and death occurring from motorcycle accident cases continues to rise. Motorcyclists are also four times more likely to... (Keep Reading)

Things You Should Never Do After A Car Accident

You may already be aware of the procedure involved with making an insurance claim after a motor vehicle accident. However, there are common mistakes some people make that can result in their receiving a lower settlement than they deserve. To ensure that you get your... (Keep Reading)

Should You Hire A Lawyer After A Minor Car Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day, some more serious than others. With a minor car accident, you may get away with only minor cuts and scrapes, or even completely uninjured. Of course, your car may or may not have sustained any sort of damage. When... (Keep Reading)

How To Obtain A Police Report After A Car Accident

Experiencing a car accident can be a really traumatic experience, much less being involved in one. It is extremely important that you take the time to recover from shock and any injuries sustained, but for many people, time is also of the essence to get... (Keep Reading)

Four Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents

If you are amongst the millions of Americans who drive to work every day, you may know that motor vehicle accidents are getting increasingly common. While it may not be possible to completely prevent a car accident, it helps to be knowledgeable about the process... (Keep Reading)

Documents To Show Your Attorney After A Car Accident

Following an accident, it is natural to feel frazzled and unsure of how to proceed. However, in 2018 alone, there were over 277,971 car accidents in New York alone. Even if you require more time to process, it is important that you take note of... (Keep Reading)

Who Is Liable In A Truck Accident Lawsuit?

There can be all kinds of motor vehicle accidents occurring on roadways today. They can involve motorcycles, cars, trucks, and more. Compared to accidents involving passenger cars, MVAs involving commercial trucks differ in part because of one of the accident-involved parties – a truck driver... (Keep Reading)

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