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Ways To Prove You Are Not At Fault In A Car Accident

In a car accident, things can seem very confusing and overwhelming. You may also not be in a good mental state. However, there are certain important things you have to keep note of to prove that you are not at fault in a car accident. Even if the other driver was clearly at fault for the accident, he and his insurance company may point the finger and lay blame at you to deny your claim and obtain damages from you. Read on to find out how you can prove that you are not at fault in a car accident.

Collect Evidence

It is important to collect as much evidence as you can from the car accident scene as you will have to prove in court later that you were not responsible for the accident. Do not just take photos of your car and the accident scene, but also of the surroundings, witnesses, the other party’s car, and your injuries.

It is best to take precaution and collect your evidence as you may not be able to trust the other driver or police to fully document every single piece of evidence. By taking videos of the accidents, and recording the contact details of key witnesses and the other driver, you will be able to make your voice heard in court.

It is also important to keep your medical records which document your injuries and medical treatments upon seeing a doctor for any accident-related injuries. You should also request a copy of the police report and speak to nearby businesses owners to find out if there was any surveillance camera that documented the crash. By keeping the original video surveillance footage of the crash and recording down as many accident details as you can remember, you are much better prepared to tell your side of the story and accident in court.

Do Not Admit Fault

Regardless of the circumstances of the accident and whether you are responsible for the accident, you should never admit fault or blame for the car accident in any part. This is a common mistake made by car accident victims, as they would feel confused and devastated by the accident. However, by doing so, they are automatically accepting blame and responsibility for the crash and would not be able to recover damages even if the other driver was at fault.

Insurance companies may not wish to continue the investigation if a driver accepts responsibility for the accident. This would have severe legal consequences for you as you may be at risk of a personal injury lawsuit by the other party. You should also be mindful of your choice of words when talking to police officers at the accident scene or to insurance adjusters. Even if your intention to apologize was honest, your statement and apology could be used against you and you could be held responsible for the accident.

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