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Taxi driver’s alleged road rage may have caused serious car crash

In our current time, where speed means everything and there is seemingly no moments to spare, it is common for drivers to operate their vehicles in a negligent or hasty manner. This presents serious public safety concerns; and in a bustling area like New York City, where millions of people are packed in to crowded streets, a rushing driver is an accident waiting to happen.

One of the most egregious examples of this kind of behavior is road rage, which is at the center of a headline-grabbing car accident in New York City.

The accident appears to have started because of road rage; at least according to a bicyclist who was involved with the crash. The biker says he was riding near a taxi cab when the taxi suddenly tried to turn in front of him. The biker yelled “stop.”

But this did not deter the taxi cab driver, who honked, got “angry” and finally hit the accelerator. As a result, the biker was struck and ended up on the taxi’s windshield. The vehicle careened out of control, ending up on a sidewalk where it struck numerous pedestrians, one of whom was maimed in the incident.

The crash is under investigation. With two people injured and one in serious condition (and the extreme nature of the crash), this incident is sure to get a lot of media attention. If it can be proven that this taxi driver was negligent — and given the number of witnesses, it seems likely — then the victims of this accident should consider their legal options. The driver could be held liable for their medical bills and suffering.

Source: Fox News, “New York City cyclist hit by cab driver claims incident was sparked by road-rage,” Aug. 20, 2013

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