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What happens after the death of a loved one?

woman with lily flowers and coffin at funeral
people and mourning concept - woman with white lily flowers and coffin at funeral in church

Coping with the death of an immediate family member involves indescribable emotions of loss. While not as obvious, these deaths also leave family facing practical but serious issues concerning the loss of financial support needed to pay for housing, education, medical expenses and other lifestyle needs.

These abrupt changes can be extraordinarily unexpected and follow from routine activities such as a work shift at a construction site, crossing a street during a shopping trip, returning from a trip on a bus, driving through an intersection or visiting a doctor for a routine health procedure. A usually tedious activity can, in an instant, can lead to great sadness and threaten the financial security of surviving family members. Even more tragic, families have to begin addressing financial issues during their period of grief.

A wrongful death action, while not addressing the emotional loss, can provide financial relief for lost wages, expenses, other support and any pain and suffering that was inflicted on the deceased family member. However, these lawsuits may be complex and must comply with strict time periods for filing and comply with standards of proof on liability, the future earnings and financial contributions of the family member and the financial losses that were suffered.

Experienced and skilled legal representation will guide bereaved family members through litigation in courts and in negotiations with defendants and insurance companies. Legal counsel will seek expert testimony and evidence required to prove a case.

For over half of a century, our firm has represented family members in New York and surrounding areas in wrongful death lawsuits. We have the experience to prove fault and advocate for the rights of our clients seeking just and fair compensation in wrongful death and other personal injury cases.

Please visit our Wrongful Death webpage to learn more about our firm, its lawyers and how we can assist people who have lost loved ones.

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