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Bus Accidents

Technology challenges abound in metro safety

Both the presence of new technology and its absence have posed safety challenges for passengers of New York’s buses and subways. Recent technology has diverted the attention of operators while failure to adopt new innovations has diminished safety.

Like drivers of vehicles, transit operators may be distracted with the use of personal electronic devices. Answering a cell phone or transmitting a text message may divert attention from slowing down the bus or train or keeping within speed limits. Fatigue can also impact safe operation.

The National Transportation Safety Board has long sought installation of devices on transit vehicles. Positive train systems will slow down trains as they make sharp turns or bring them to a stop when necessary. Onboard surveillance systems will monitor driver safety.

The NTSB has also called for better escape routes and windows on buses. Safety orientations can also prevent injuries according to the NTSB.

The dangerous use of technology or its disconcerting absence, in addition to a negligent or reckless driver, may cause injuries or fatalities. Victims of these accidents and their families may need experienced and skilled legal counsel to help assure that evidence is obtained, liability is proven and proper compensation is paid for damages and losses incurred. Strict legal deadlines apply as to when a legal action may be filed, particularly against a government transit authority.

Our firm has over 50 years of experience representing clients in New York in these personal injury and wrongful death cases. We can vigorously represent our clients’ interest in all phases of a lawsuit from obtaining evidence, negotiating with insurance carriers, litigating a court case and handling appeals. Our attorneys have the knowledge to determine the role of defective or outmoded safety systems, unsafe infrastructure or operator negligence in a crash.

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