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Bus Accidents

Major bus accident leaves many people injured

A devastating bus accident that left scores of people injured is under scrutiny; and while this wreck did not occur here in New York City, we are a city of many, many buses, and such accidents are a daily prospect.

The bus accident happened in Los Angeles, where a tour bus carrying at least 50 tourists crashed on its side on a highway. 55 people were injured as a result of the crash, which involved a couple of other vehicles. Most of these injured people escaped with only minor injuries, like cuts and bruises; but some needed hospitalization and likely suffered severe injuries.

The police are investigating the crash, though the investigation will likely take some time to complete. Of particular interest to police will be a couple of eyewitness reports that indicate the driver was travelling at a very fast speed and that he may have been changing lanes in a dangerous manner. Depending on what happened, and depending on what the bus company knew, the liability in this crash could be shared by the bus driver and the bus company.

This story, though unfortunate, is important for another reason: it places another spotlight on the shady nature of the private bus carrier industry. The U.S. government has been cracking down on the industry in recent months as many carriers have been found to be hiring drivers who are not properly trained or licensed; operating vehicles that are substandard or otherwise unsafe; and generally fostering conditions that are detrimental to public safety.

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