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Bus Accidents

New York bus accident involving two cars leaves one injured

Buses, taxis, passenger trains, cruise ships and commercial airplanes are known as commercial carriers. Put simply, a common carrier is an entity whose commercial enterprise is to transport people or commodities for a fee. In mass transit accidents, the carrier company may be found liable for the injuries of passengers if it can be proven that there negligence contributed to the accident.

A recent accident in New York involved a city bus and two cars, according to reports. On a Friday afternoon at a New York intersection, a white SUV and the city bus crashed into each other head-on. This is apparent from a video taken on the scene. Another car was also involved, officials said. What’s more, a bus shelter was also demolished in the crash.

As a result of the crash, one person was taken to the hospital with severe, though non-life-threatening injuries. It was not specified who this person was. Another person refused medical treatment on the scene. The cause of the accident had yet to be revealed.

Victims who are injured in bus accidents may be confused as to who is liable. Sometimes, a common carrier may be found guilty of negligence and thus liable for the damages resulting from the crash. Usually, a lawsuit against a common carrier only happens when there is a breach of the carrier’s duty to the victim. If this is not present, then victims may desire to pursue legal action against the bus driver, as the bus company may not be liable.

In any case, it is important for victims to know their rights before pursuing legal action so the right steps can be taken toward compensation.

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