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Car accident in New York causes 2 deaths, 4 injuries

Losing loved ones to a car crash or watching them suffer from accident-related injuries can cause grief for family members. These family members can easily become frustrated if the car accident that caused such tragedies could have been prevented had it not been for negligent or reckless driving in New York. In this type of situation, it is within the family members’ rights to seek financial damages, which can help them to gain closure in the situation.

Two people were killed and four others were injured recently in a massive, multi-vehicle accident in New York. The accident happened when the driver of a sport utility vehicle swerved wildly near an overpass while driving north. The driver’s vehicle immediately crossed three lanes and struck the median before plowing into a cab, according to authorities.

Both men inside the cab were killed on impact. The vehicle then struck another sport utility vehicle before ending up on its roof, police said. The driver of the first sport utility vehicle that allegedly caused the crash survived, along with his passenger who suffered serious injuries. The two individuals in the second sport utility vehicle suffered minor injuries.

Those who were injured in the accident can rightfully seek monetary damages through personal injury claims, which could help ease their pain and suffering. Also, the families of those who died can pursue financial restitution through wrongful death suits. If police discover that speeding, distracted driving or a violation of another road rule contributed to the car accident, this would be considered a causal factor in the crash and serve as proof of driver negligence or reckless behavior. This information could then be used to establish liability in civil court in New York.

Source: newyorkdailynews.com, Wells Fargo banker, livery cab driver killed in Bronx crash that left one of them decapitated, Clare Trapasso, Nov. 9, 2013

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