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Bus Accidents

Bus and taxi collide in New York, leaving six students injured

One of the last things any New York parents want to think about when sending their children off to school is that the child’s life could be in danger. Statistically speaking, busing is generally a safe way to travel. Most children do arrive safely to school every morning. However, in some tragic cases, buses may become involved in accidents — whether it is the result of the bus driver’s actions, or the actions of other drivers on the road — and many passengers may then suffer injuries.

Nine people were sent to the hospital, six of whom were children, after a bus and a taxi collided in New York. Nearing an intersection, the bus suddenly struck a taxi and rolled over onto its side. One man, a real estate agent, along with numerous other good Samaritans helped to rescue the victims from the overturned bus. Of the nine sent to the hospital, eight suffered minor injuries and one suffered a serious, albeit non-life-threatening, injury.

Various witnesses gave reports to the media. One claimed that the cab was driving at too high of a speed. Another witness claimed that the bus driver was going too fast in order to make it through the light in time. The cause of the crash was uncertain and was being investigated.

Following bus accidents, proving liability can sometimes be difficult. In order to obtain compensation that can help victims pay for the many expenses that result from accident injuries, it is oftentimes necessary to prove the liability of the driver at fault. Proving liability in mass transit accidents may sometimes prove difficult, but a strong and aggressive legal strategy — one that incorporates expertise and extensive legal knowledge — can be of great aid to victims and their families.

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