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Bus Accidents

Bus accident in New York leaves five people injured

Though buses are generally considered to be a safe mode of transportation, New Yorkers should know that bus accidents can happen. Those who ride the bus are not immune to the possibility of being involved in an accident. A bus accident can result in serious injuries including spinal cord injuries, complex fractures and head injuries, all of which can greatly reduce a victim’s quality of life. In some cases, it may be appropriate to pursue compensation from the bus company or another driver involved in the incident.

Recently, five people were injured in a bus accident in New York, according to reports. The bus first crashed into a minivan before slamming into a building. An MTA spokesman said the minivan attempted to cut in front of the bus. The crash briefly trapped people in the building. Firefighters had to extricate a number of the people who were trapped.

As a result of the crash, four people were taken to nearby hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. One other person also suffered minor injuries. Among the injured were two pedestrians, along with two other people in the minivan. The fire department was evaluating the structural safety of the building following the accident.

Mass transit accidents can have far-reaching effects. Many people may become involved in such accidents. Oftentimes, they occur because of the negligent actions of either another driver involved or the bus company. In such cases, victims may wish to take legal action to prove the liability of a bus company or other driver. By proving liability, victims can obtain compensation to help them cover the myriad expenses associated with accident injuries.

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