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Auto accident causes injuries to 4 pedestrians in New York

While a person is at a bus stop in New York, his or her greatest concern may be missing the bus. However, if a driver on the road is driving carelessly near the bus stop, missing the bus may soon become the least of the individual’s worries. Negligent driving can easily cause a motorist to strike pedestrians on the side of the road — an auto accident that can cause grave injuries, or worse.

Multiple people suffered injuries after being struck while at a bus stop in Queens recently. The collision occurred at night at 48th Street and Northern Boulevard. The crash caused injuries to four people.

One of the people injured was a child, police said. The injured victims were transported to the hospital. The person who allegedly hit the group of people fled the scene. Police said they found the white car that appeared to be involved in the crash but still had not found the driver of this vehicle.

The driver who is believed to have struck the pedestrians at the bus stop will likely face criminal charges if captured. This individual might also face personal injury lawsuits filed by the injured parties, seeking financial damages that can help to cover the medical expenses related to the crash. Pedestrians are at risk of serious injury when hit by an automobile because they essentially have no protection against such a collision. Drivers who hit pedestrians may be held responsible for such an auto accident if negligence is proved. If liability is established in a manner that satisfies a civil court in New York, claims for monetary damages will be decided.

Source: cbslocal.com, Police: 4 Injured In Hit-And-Run Crash At Queens Bus Stop, No author, Feb. 1, 2014

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