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Wrongful Death

Accident victims must respond quickly

Accident victims and their families face several challenges after a fatal or serious accident. First and foremost, an accident victim must seek medical assistance, undergo rehabilitation and take steps to alleviate the loss of income from a job loss. The emotional toll of a family who suffers the loss of a loved one compounds the trauma of planning a funeral and taking steps to restore some normality in their lives.

Accident victims and their families, moreover, may be entitled to compensation for the financial losses suffered by the recklessness or negligence of others. For families of a deceased victim, this can help restore lost wages, funeral expenses, lost prospect of inheritance and the victim’s pain and suffering.

However, obtaining these damages may be a complex and lengthy process requiring assistance to start legal proceedings, negotiate settlements and obtaining evidence such as witness statements and medical reports.

What’s more, New York restricts the time that a lawsuit may be filed. Failure to file within the time allowed may lead to the permanent loss of entitled damages for families.

Where the potential defendant is not the government, a wrongful death action must be filed within two years of the victim’s death. Car accidents, products liability, slip and fall and other negligence actions that led to personal injury must be filed within three years from the accident date.

For over 50 years, we have represented clients in New York City in wrongful death actions and other personal injury cases. Our firm is skilled with collecting necessary evidence and advocating for our clients in settlement negotiations, discussions with insurance companies and in court proceedings. We can help your family through this complicated process.

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