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Wrongful Death

New York fatal accident involves motorcycle and Jeep

When somebody is killed in a New York motorcycle accident, the experience can be emotionally traumatizing for their family. Motorcyclists and their passengers are especially at risk for injury or even death in accidents because a motorbike offers no protection in a vehicle crash. For this reason, vehicle drivers need to be particularly careful when navigating near motorcycles, as failure to obey the rules of the road can put motorcyclists in grave danger. When a motorcyclist loses their life due to another person’s failure to obey traffic rules, this can be considered negligence or reckless conduct. Sometimes monetary compensation can help to ease pain and suffering for the family following a fatal accident.

A motorcyclist was recently killed in a New York vehicle accident. The event happened near Queens Boulevard. The incident occurred when the man who was driving his motorcycle hit an oncoming Jeep vehicle.

The motorcyclist was transported to the hospital but died. The person who was driving the Jeep did stay at the scene following the crash. Authorities issued him a summons for failing to yield to another vehicle.

The Jeep driver now must respond to his citation for failure to yield to another vehicle. That individual could also face legal difficulties in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit. This is because the family of the motorcyclist who was killed can sue the driver for monetary compensation that may be used toward end-of-life expenses, funeral expenses or other losses related to the fatal accident. If a conviction is secured on the failure-to-yield citation, proof of it could be used as evidence of negligence or reckless behavior in a wrongful death suit in New York.

Source: New York Daily News, Florida man killed in motorcycle accident on Queens Blvd., Thomas Tracy, Sept. 5, 2013

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