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3 injured after pickup jumps guardrail, hits 5 cars in New York

It is impossible to predict what might happen on the road. There is no way to prevent other drivers from acting erratically and putting everyone else on the road in danger. As frustrating as it may be, car accidents involving negligent drivers are an unfortunately common reality in the U.S. Every time someone gets behind the wheel, there is a chance that the person will become involved in an accident. When auto accidents involving negligent drivers do occur, victims have rights.

Three people were recently injured in an accident in New York. The accident started when a pickup truck headed north on a New York interstate highway drove over a guardrail into the southbound lanes. The pickup truck then struck five cars while rolling over, before it came to rest on top of a sedan. Firefighters had to extricate both drivers from their cars.

At the scene of the accident, the three injured victims appeared to be conscious. New York state police did not believe any of the injuries were life-threatening. However, the exact nature of the injuries were not known. The victims were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment and at least two were transported by ambulance. Police were investigating the cause of the accident. They said criminal charges could potentially be filed.

Car accidents can be devastating for victims. Accident injuries are a common result of such crashes and victims may be burdened with medical expenses and other accident costs. Just as there are many ways in which an accident can occur, there are also many types of injuries a victim may suffer. Some are more serious, like head injuries, while others are considered more minor, such as whiplash.

However, all injuries can cause varying degrees of pain and suffering. Victims should not have to also suffer financial burdens in addition to this physical hurt. Pursuing a negligence claim in court can sometimes help victims obtain compensation that can potentially alleviate some of the financial burden they have been forced to shoulder.

Source: Lohud, “3 injured after pickup lands on a Subaru on I-684,” James O’Rourke, April 24, 2014

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