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Bus Accidents

16 children injured after bus crash in New York

When parents send their children off to school in the morning, they probably trust that they will get transported safely by the bus. An accident may be far from their minds — but it is not impossible. Any kind of bus accident is indeed a possibility and even though many consider busing to be safe overall, mass transit accidents can be devastating. Serious injuries can result and victims are often left with hefty physical and financial pains.

According to officials, a recent accident in New York involved a school bus and an ambulance. Racing down the street, the ambulance ran a red light and collided with the bus. As a result, two men in the ambulance suffered serious injuries. There was also a third adult who suffered serious injuries. 16 of the children who were riding in the school bus suffered minor injuries as well. Fire officials responded to the scene and it appeared as though both vehicles were greatly damaged.

Most buses fall under the category of “common carrier,” which included commercial buses, tour buses and school buses. The drivers of common carriers must exercise extreme caution as many lives depend on them displaying the utmost care and attentiveness. When they fail to pay acute attention to their surroundings, the results may be devastating. This situation is interesting, however, because it involves an emergency vehicle.

Anyone injured in bus accidents in which the driver failed to exercise due care in a given situation may be able to pursue a negligence claim in court. The pursuit of a negligence claim is oftentimes aided by a vigorous legal strategy that is exhaustive in its search for evidence that can be used to determine liability. When it is found that another party is liable, victims may be eligible for compensation that can help cover the costs associated with their injuries.

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