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Wrongful Death

1 dead, 3 injured in auto accident in New York

Finding out that a family member has been killed in a car accident causes so much distress because the incident often could have been prevented and happens so suddenly. Surviving loved ones usually feel distraught and helpless in the midst of the traumatic event. It is within their rights to seek claims for financial damages, which can help them to experience a sense of closure in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one in a New York auto accident.

One college student recently died in New York while riding in a sport utility vehicle. The crash occurred on Interstate 88. According to police, the driver of the SUV lost control on the interstate.

The vehicle flipped multiple times. In addition to the death of the college student, the accident caused injuries to three other students in the vehicle. They were transported to the hospital. Authorities said that the driver was likely trying to avoid hitting a deer.

The driver who allegedly caused the accident may be held liable for the injuries of the other individuals in the vehicle as well as for the death of the college student. This is particularly true if the driver was driving carelessly in the area, such as speeding, which can be deemed negligence — especially if a sign was posted in the area warning drivers to watch out for deer, for instance. The family of the deceased victim may seek financial damages through a wrongful death lawsuit, while the injured passengers might pursue personal injury claims. Financial restitution from a successfully litigated civil case can be used to cover costs such as funeral expenses, end-of-life costs, medical expenses and other costs stemming from the New York auto accident.

Source: necn.com, Ithaca College student from Mass. dies in NY car crash, No author, Dec. 3, 2013

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