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Top Tips For Maximizing Your Personal Injury Settlement

After any type of accident, maximizing personal injury settlement amounts is of the utmost importance. You must have an effective strategy in place once the negotiation process of your personal injury settlement starts to heat up. A good way to get started would be to follow the settlement tips included here.

If you or someone you love was injured due to an unsafe condition, hurt in a nursing home or some other care setting, suffered at the hands of a healthcare provider, was injured in a vehicle accident, or hurt while working – or injured in some other manner – you could be eligible to receive compensation.

But the value of compensation and the possibility of a successful claim, in general, can be affected by numerous factors including capable legal representation. After we explore some manners in which to maximize a settlement regarding personal injury, we’ll recommend a highly competent and successful source of legal representation.

To maximize your personal injury settlement, here are some tips.

Get an Attorney

This is possibly one of the most important aspects of a successful personal injury claim. Without knowledgeable, experienced legal representation, you may stand very little chance of successfully pursuing a personal injury claim and adequate compensation. It’s difficult to deal with other attorneys, the court system, insurance companies, etc. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the ropes and can better handle these situations successfully.

Know How to Play the Waiting Game

You know what they say – patience is a virtue. An adjuster may not get back to you right away after you submit a counteroffer. They are counting on you to get impatient and give up or reduce your request amount. Don’t fall into their trap.

Using Emotion Successfully

To support your claim, don’t be afraid to mention emotional points. Refer to any severe-looking injury, photo of your smashed vehicle, etc. If your child is suffering because you can no longer care for them adequately (because of your injuries), mention it. It’s difficult to assign a dollar value to things like this but, when seeking a settlement in an accident claim, they can be powerful influences.

Handling Low Offers

An insurance adjuster will almost always make their first offer a low one (see below). When they do this, tell them to justify the amount. If they’ve got some good reasoning behind their offer, you may or may not want to consider it in your counteroffer. Talk to your attorney to see what they think is fair.

First Offers – Know When to Say No

More times than not, a very low amount is offered by an insurance adjuster at first. They are testing your patience and your knowledge of your claim’s worth. Don’t settle for the first offer. Chances are, it’s far too low. It’s not uncommon for a victim to make a counteroffer that the insurance adjuster should consider. Negotiations and considerations for compromise are better handled through a knowledgeable attorney.

Know the Amount You Want To Settle for

What is your claim worth? Be aware of this ahead of time. You should have a minimum settlement figure in mind before you talk to any insurance adjuster. Better yet, let your legal representation deal with insurance adjusters. Sit down and figure out the minimum settlement acceptable with your attorney before pursuing any claims. Don’t undersell yourself!

Put It in Writing

In a letter to the adjuster, immediately confirm any agreement when a number/amount is finally agreed upon. It doesn’t have to be a long and involved letter, it can be short and sweet. If it’s not in writing – it doesn’t exist.

Before you accept any settlement, however, go over it with your attorney first.

For the Pursuit of a Personal Injury Claim, Who Should You Call?

Allow us, at Pazer, Epstein, Jaffe, and Fein, P.C. to be of service if you’ve been the victim of any incident or accident that resulted in an injury. You need someone to stand up and fight for your rights and compensation.

Looking for a trusted personal injury lawyer in New York? Call our New York number: (212) 847-5007 or Long Island number: (718) 954-9986 to schedule a free consultation with us today.

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