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NYC Traffic Fatalities Rise Despite Vision Zero

creative picture of a traffic scene in Manhattan, NYC

Road fatalities in New York City have risen considerably in the last two years. According to the nonprofit, nonpartisan NYC digital news platform, The City, the NYPD recorded 269 traffic deaths in 2020 and 288 more by the end of 2021. This deadly uptick is the highest rate of fatal accidents NYC has seen in a decade, even with Vision Zero initiatives in place. 

While Vision Zero action plans showed significant effects in reducing road fatalities in its first five years, rates of fatal traffic accidents have been steadily increasing since 2018. One factor continually leading to car accidents in NYC remains the outstanding number of reckless motorists still driving with past violations. Despite new Vision Zero laws, including increased remedial driver education and impounding cars caught in multiple camera violations, dangerous drivers remain on city roads and put all those around them at risk. 

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