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Important Steps To Take After A Stairwell Accident

Stairwell accidents can occur unexpectedly and unpredictably due to a myriad of reasons. Unfortunately, in many cases, these led to life-changing injuries, which have a detrimental impact on the victim – both physically and mentally. If you have been in a stairwell accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should consult a premise liability attorney, who will help you negotiate a fairer and more reasonable compensation when filing a claim to the property’s insurer.

What Causes Stairwell Accidents?

There are many reasons why victims might find themselves in a stairwell accident, mostly due to the property owner’s negligence and lack of maintenance. Common causes include poor lighting, loose or damaged railings, missing or damaged steps, steep or uneven spaces between steps, and many more. Next, we will cover what you should do immediately after a stairwell accident.

What Should You Do After the Stairwell Accident?

The first thing you will want to do after falling or tripping over the stairwell is to check for any major injuries. Then, avoid making any sudden movements that could aggravate or exacerbate your injuries. If possible, alert a passerby to call the authorities on your behalf to request medical attention and treatment. This will be important as you will need the incident to be officially recorded to make a personal injury claim.

Next, collect evidence to back up and substantiate your case. This means you should take any videos and photos you can of your surroundings and the accident. Also, be sure to get the name of any passersby and their contact details such as email and contact number. They are critical to being eyewitnesses for your stairwell accident and help establish your case as viable and credible. When you receive medical treatment, you should request copies of your medical reports such as doctor’s diagnosis, x-rays, physical assessment results. More importantly, retain your medical treatment bill as evidence for your economic damages or losses.

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