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Brain Injury

Head injuries may triple younger people’s risk for stroke

Head injuries, even seemingly minor ones, can be life altering. Sometimes the effects are not entirely obvious. A once social person may begin withdrawing more and more, becoming something of a recluse. Someone who was once calm and easy-going may develop a hair-trigger temper and a sudden irritableness. Whatever the changes, they can begin to alter a person’s personality, family relationships and overall quality of life. They may also result in a lifetime of health care that can quickly become enormously expensive.

One alarming fact that was recently uncovered further proves the life-altering nature of a brain injury. According to a recent report, research shows that the chance of a young adult or child suffering a stroke may be increased three-fold after sustaining a head or neck injury. Though rare, strokes are a reality for young people. This is particularly frightening, as a stroke can rob a victim of their quality of life at such a young age. With this knowledge, though, researchers hope doctors will begin taking preventative measures immediately following treatment for brain and neck injuries.

When head injuries result from another person’s negligent actions, victims can pursue compensation through litigation, settlement negotiations or mediation. Compensation can help alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with the long-term treatment that head injuries so often require. Paying close attention to the details of each individual story and how the head injuries have altered the victims’ lives can help to better the chances of being awarded full and fair compensation. Compensation, in the cases of many victims and their families, helps them to move forward in their lives and take significant steps towards recovery.

Head injuries can be a frightening thought, especially with the knowledge of the recent report on young adults and children potentially suffering strokes. However, it is important to be aware of the legal action possible for a situation in which an injury was caused by the negligence of another.

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