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Bus Accidents

Brooklyn, New York, bus accident causes injuries

The size discrepancy between a bus and a passenger vehicle cannot always protect New York transit passengers from injuries in bus accidents. This was vividly demonstrated during a late afternoon collision between two cars and a crowded B46 Limited bus in Brooklyn that resulted in... (Keep Reading)

Federal government agency advocates safer mass transit

  New York City depends on its buses, subways and ferry boats for transporting workers, students and other passengers. Mass transit use is increasing more than population growth and highway travel.   However, transit accidents can be calamitous. The National Transportation Safety Board identified mass... (Keep Reading)

NTSB investigates fatal New York commuter crash

Mystery remains over why a Mercedes-Benz was in the path of a Metro-North train around 6:30 pm on Feb. 2 in Valhalla. The National Transportation Safety Board has commenced an investigation of the accident that led to the deaths of five passengers and the car's... (Keep Reading)

Electronic devices remain a target in stopping transit accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board found that addressing the use of portable electronic devices while driving should remain a priority. Critical changes have to be made for reduction of transportation accidents and fatalities, according to the NTSB.   New technologies have led to additional distractions... (Keep Reading)

Transit accidents have many causes

Human error, use of electronic devices, fatigue, absence of collision warning systems and structural defects are among the causes of mass transit accidents. Citing five transit accidents involving the Metro-North Railroad that caused six fatalities and 126 injuries from May 2013 to March 2014, along... (Keep Reading)

Preventing New York bus accidents requires planning

Charter bus accidents can cause injuries and even fatalities for New York travelers. Accordingly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) has issued an advisory on hiring a motor coach company for a trip. This information may help select a company from the more than... (Keep Reading)

What degree of care is owed to transit passengers?

Passengers injured on New York's buses and subways must prove that the carriers' negligence caused the injuries to receive compensation. As part of this proof, plaintiffs must establish the duty of care that these common carriers owed to its passengers. Until the end of the... (Keep Reading)

NTSB seeks improved vehicle onboard systems

Commercial vehicles, such as motorcoaches and school buses, are often equipped with vehicle onboard onboard video systems that continuously record video or make these recordings after an event that triggered the crash. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board recently issued a report and safety alert... (Keep Reading)

Positive train control in spotlight

The recent derailment of an Amtrak train that was speeding excessively outside of Philadelphia has focused attention over the implementation of safety technologies for commuter, intercity and freight trains. Earlier this year, the National Transportation Safety Board listed the use of positive train control systems,... (Keep Reading)

City workers object to bus accident arrests

To combat fatalities and injuries among pedestrians and bicyclists in New York City, Mayor de Blasio implemented the Vision Zero street safety program. As part of this program, the City enacted the Right of Way Law that subjects drivers to a misdemeanor charge for striking... (Keep Reading)

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