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Be Smart About LIRR Parking Spots

A parking lot has two rows of parking spaces designated for hand

According to an article published by Newsday, the LIRR counts fewer than 70,000 commuter parking spaces and more than twice that many riders on the railroad. Further, the number of available spaces at some stations is only a fraction of the number of riders who need parking, while other stations’ parking is not yet at capacity. Stations such as Port Washington and Ronkonkoma are examples of stations in each county with severe parking issues.

Authorities could better balance resources with needs, comprehensively plan for the future, and work with the LIRR and advocates to provide incentives needed to meet the demand for parking and reduce private vehicle use. Even though LIRR stations might not ever be car free, there’s no reason why they can’t be car smart.

Read more on why we simply can’t afford to rely on the existing system any longer, HERE.

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