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What Should You Do After Snow-Related Accidents?

Snow-related accidents can be dangerous for many people, especially the elderly. Falling on snow and ice can lead to injuries such as fractures and torn ligaments. Many of these injuries take a long time to heal too. Such accidents, however, are very common in the winter. In addition to painful injuries, victims of snow-related accidents are left with hefty medical bills to take care of.

If you had a snow-related accident in the winter, the owner of the property the accident occurred may legally be responsible for your injuries. Here’s what you should do after snow-related accidents.

Seek Medical Help

You should seek immediate medical attention if you sustain significant injuries from a snow-related accident. As mentioned, snow-related accidents can be extremely dangerous, causing injuries to the brain or even the spinal cord.  A doctor should examine your entire body to determine the full degree of your injury.

Beyond that, it is crucial to keep track of your injuries and any changes, such as worsened symptoms or new pains. You should also keep track of any invoices, medical expenses, and prescriptions linked to the injuries you sustained from the snow-related accident.

Gather the Evidence and Witnesses

After the snow-related accident, you may feel that you are in too much pain to do anything else. While it is important not to strain yourself, you should gather whatever energy you have left to gather as much evidence as you possibly can.

By acting efficiently and decisively, you can increase the chances of you successfully receiving the compensation that you rightfully deserve. Here’s what you can do:

  • Come up with a list of people who witnessed the accident
  • Note down the conditions of the surroundings that may have caused the accident
  • Take videos and photos of the accident scene and the surroundings
  • Properly store the clothes and shoes that you were wearing during the evidence
  • You should also report the accident to the police and the property owner

Preventing Snow-related Accidents

Anyone traveling through an area where snow or ice has been collected must take necessary precautions to prevent injuries. Besides, a victim of a snow-related accident is likely not entitled to compensation from the property owner if they were irresponsible when navigating an area where ice or snow was present.

Here are some ways you could prevent snow-related accidents in the future:

  • Wear shoes with proper grip
  • Pay attention to your steps and do not rush when walking
  • Always make use of handrails wherever possible
  • On days with heavy snowfall, it is best to stay indoors as much as you can

Keep in mind to use caution whenever you’re out and about in the snow and ice. You will be well on your way to a safe and healthy winter if you are cautious and aware of your surroundings.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

You might want to work with a personal injury attorney to assist with your injury case and settlement, depending on the seriousness and scope of your injuries. To ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation to which you are legally entitled, you must be aware of your legal rights and the foundation of your case.

You are entitled to compensation for your lost wages as well as for the pain and suffering your injury has caused if it has forced you to miss work or be unable to work as a result of the accident. If the injury impedes your daily activities, you can also be eligible for any personal injury damages.

You can book an appointment at Pazer Epstein Jaffe Fein & Gozenput, P.C., P.C. Our lawyers have many years of experience and we ensure that genuine victims receive the compensation they deserve.

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